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Shaptak ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business approach that consolidates all aspects of a business — such as accounting, payroll, human resource, supply chain, warehouse management, warranty management and so on and work as a mirror of your business. Capabilities to end to end view such as the entire business activities, performance, unwanted issues, and provide integrated information that enables you to make decision, future plan, control need, cost, manage quality and take proactive action for better business capability.

Features & Benefits of Shaptak ERP

  • Centralized web-based system
  • Parameterized business rule
  • Dynamic report format option
  • Data transfer and import option
  • Integrated, Consistent Information
  • Reliable and Increased Functionality (Reduce Operational Difficulties)
  • Easier Communications across the organization
  • Increases organizational transparency and responsibility
  • Facilitates strategic planning
  • Increased Security of Data
  • Ability to Provide Better Customer Service

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Manage your key trading business challenges with ERP

Inventory Management

Gain a comprehensive view of your inventory across your warehouses in multiple geographies. Know exactly the stock locations item-wise and dispatch. Fix and revisit your re-order levels.

Purchase Order Management

Easily manage the entire journey of the purchase order (PO). This starts from the creation through purchase order approval, dispatch, viewing backorders, order history, delivery, invoicing, budget checks, quality inspection of goods, and closure.

Sales Order Management

Get real-time order status and inventory availability information. Centrally manage sales activities, such as price quotes, fulfill sales orders, create shipments, track prices, apply discounts, and check the status of inventory

Financial Management

Speed up transactions and improve cash flow with advanced ERP. Close books faster, get timely and accurate insight and drive more informed decision-making with SAP Business One.

Budget Management

Keep tight control of your budget and ensure trade funding is allocated and utilized judiciously. Plan better and track fund usage at any time. Track historical sales and pricing information and make informed budget decisions and plans.

Supplier Management

Keep a track of supplier contract quantities, consignment stock information, delivery lead times and stock levels. Take better procurement decisions and track your delivery better with SAP Business One.

Return Management

Automate and streamlines all the steps involved in return lifecycle whether it be return policies, reverse logistics, returns tracking, returns cost management or anything.

Freight Management

Easily manage freight and track any additional costs incurred. Add the value of your freight expenses and track the freight charges applicable to your purchased goods. Easily analyze and generate various reports.

Industry Challenges

The face of the trading industry is witnessing a great business disruption as of the increasing demands to manage all functional activities of a trading business. This includes stock management, stock transfers, adoption of new laws, categorizing items, launching discount deals, performing receivables and aging analysis, tracking sales orders and invoices and so much more.

To manage the intense demands and challenges of the trading industry, the smartest business leaders are considering the route to digitization to bring in affordable and smart ERP such as SAP Business One to respond timely and fulfill all customer demands.

Price: 15 Lac Taka Only

  • Every package included 3 month free support & 1 Time Free Training Support
  • Yearly Server Cost: 50000 Taka


  • Unlimited Support over phone, email or live chat
  • Video Training: Free
  • Training in SHAPTAK IT: Free
  • Training at outside of SHAPTAK IT: 5000 Taka



  • Project Completion Duration: 60 (Sixty) Days
  • VAT & TAX: All prices excluding VAT & TAX
  • Payment Terms: 70% Payment to be settle with the Work Order & rest of the 30% to be paid after completion of Project
  • Payment Mode: Cash or Account Payee Cheque in favor of “Shaptak (IT) Limited”


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